Support Policy

At Fivola, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our valued users. Our Support Policy outlines the various avenues through which users can seek assistance and the standards we uphold in addressing their needs.

**Types of Support:**

1. **General Inquiries:** Users can reach out for assistance with account-related queries, payment concerns, and any other general questions about our platform.

2. **Technical Support:** Our dedicated technical support team is available to resolve issues related to website functionality, login problems, and troubleshooting technical glitches.

3. **Feedback and Suggestions:** We encourage users to share their feedback and suggestions to help us improve our platform's features and user experience.

**Support Channels:**

- **Email Support:** For personalized assistance, users can email our support team at We strive to respond promptly and provide comprehensive solutions to all inquiries.

- **Telegram Support:** Users can also reach us via Telegram at @xxxxxx. Our Telegram support channel allows for real-time communication and quick resolution of queries.

- **FAQs and Knowledge Base:** Our website hosts a comprehensive FAQ section and knowledge base, offering self-help resources and answers to commonly asked questions.

**Support Hours:**

- Our support team operates during whole week.

**Response Time:**

- We aim to acknowledge all support inquiries within couple of minites to couple of hours and provide a resolution or update as soon as possible. Urgent matters will be prioritized for immediate attention.

**Escalation Procedure:**

- In the event that users are dissatisfied with the initial support response, they can request escalation to a higher support tier or management for further assistance.

**User Responsibilities:**

- Users are encouraged to provide clear and accurate information when submitting support inquiries to facilitate efficient assistance from our team.

- Before reaching out for support, users are encouraged to explore our FAQ section and knowledge base, as many common queries are addressed there.

**Feedback and Improvement:**

- User feedback is invaluable to us. We actively seek and appreciate suggestions for enhancing our platform's functionality and user experience.

**Contact Us:**

- For support inquiries, please email us at [Support Email Address] or message us on Telegram at [Telegram Support Handle]. Our support team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance and ensuring a positive user experience.

By utilizing our platform, you agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this Support Policy. Should you have any questions or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.